DMS400F Micro Front Audio

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Canbus Interface For Front Sensors*

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DMS400F Micro Front Audio - Description

The Dolphin front fitting parking sensor kit is a 4 recess mounting sensor high quality system that will cover the widest of cars giving a professional finish. This front parking sensor kit comes with longer 6m cables on the sensors enabling you to wire around the engine bay and under the dashboard where the brain box can be installed securely in a whether-proof environment. Included with the 4 recess sensors is a buzzer which gives audible bleeps with increasing frequency as you get closer to an obstacle which can also be mounted under the dashboard.

Kit Contents

  • 4 Recess Bumper Fit Sensors - Front
  • 1 Control Unit
  • Audio Buzzer
  • 1 Cutting Tool FREE!
  • 3M Sticky Pads for Brain and Buzzer
  • Instruction Manual

How it works
The system works by radiating ultrasonic beams covering the area infront of the vehicle. The beams are reflected by obstructions ahead, and re-enter the sensors. The reflected beam information is processed to calculate the distance of the obstruction.

With the Dolphin Front Parking Sensors you need to power them via a small toggle switch on the dashboard which is included with the kit. Then you manually turn the sensors on, as and when you need to use them (or see CANBUS option below). When the vehicle is less than 1.5 metres from the obstruction the audible alert will emit intermittent bleeps. As the vehicle gets closer to the obstruction the frequency of the bleeps increases. At 30 centimetres from the obstruction the bleeps become a continuous solid tone.

CANBUS Interface

Optionally if you have a modern CANBUS wired car you may use a CANBUS interface that will take a speed reading for the cars engine management system and automatically bring the sensors on whenever your speed is below
approximately 6mph. This would give you a very professional finish, cost of the CANBUS interface is £49.99 and comes with instructions. Please check for your Vehicle Compatibility. Click to Buy
200 - 160cm
Safe Mode
150 - 100cm
Safe Mode
90 - 50cm
Alarm Mode
40 - 30cm
Danger Mode
30 - 0cm

"Swap Socket" Feature

All of our kits now come with the new watertight swap socket feature based 12 inches from the sensor heads, it makes installation quicker and easier. Also should you ever have a problems with faulty sensors or accident damage in the future it facilitates easy replacement without having to remove the bumper again and rewire from scratch.

Integrated Moulded Wedges
These sensors have the wedges built in, you need to position the sensors slightly angled up - or downwards, to ensure the sensor's signal is still sent out parallel with the road's surface when placed in your vehicles bumper.
Micro Sensor Measuremants

Technical Specification

  • Rated voltage (range) DC12V
  • Power 3.6W
  • Detecting Angle H>60, V>60 degreese
  • Detection Distance 0.3~2m
  • Sensor Frequency 315MHz/433MHz
  • Working temperature of control box -20 ~+70
Some Useful Measurement Information
(measurements are approximate and not guaranteed)
Component Dimensions
Size of Buzzer

L59mm x W40mm x H17mm

Size of Processor
L96mm x W68mm x H26mm
Size of Ultrasonic Recess Sensors
20mm x 20mm
Diameter Size For Drilling
18.2mm (Drill Bit Supplied)
Length of Sensors Cabling
4 x 6m
Length of Cabling for Buzzer

No routine maintenance or adjustment is required. Dirt, frost or snow accumulated on the sensors may cause the system to activate incorrectly. Clean carefully with a soft cloth. Do not use chemicals or spirits. Applying hot water in frozen conditions may damage the sensors. The sensors can be washed carefully with warm soapy water

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