Daytime Running Lights DRL180AUTO

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Daytime Running Lights DRL180AUTO - Description

Current UK and EU legislation decrees that all new cars are to be fitted with Day Time Running Lights to improve vehicle visibility and driver awareness which will increase road safety.

Now you can bring your car up-to-date and make sure you too are seen!

  • 12 Months Warranty!
  • Up to 50,000 hours of continuous use!
  • LEDs for increased brightness with minimal power consumption!
  • Adjustable brackets for easier installation!
  • Fully meets the CIE Standard!

LED Day Time Running Lights are considerably longer lasting than normal head lights and brighter in order that they can be seen during the brilliant sun of the day. However this makes them too bright to be used at night as they may dazzle or temporally blind on coming traffic. So to comply with all current legislation regarding vehicle lights, all Day Time Running Lights need to be switched off when the head lamps are engaged at night.

Our Day Time Running Lights have an Automatic Switching function built in, which means that if fitted correctly our lights will automatically switch off when the headlights come on and switch back on during the day when the headlamps are not in use, So that they fully comply with all the current regulations.

The performance requirements for Daytime Running Lights are defined in UN ECE Regulation 87: Daytime Running Lights.

The operating requirements for Daytime Running Lights are defined in UN ECE Regulation 48: Instalation of lighting and light-signalling devices.

Kit Contents

  • 2 x LED running lights (8 LEDs per light)
  • 2 x Mounting brackets (already attached to the lights)
  • Fixing bolts, nuts & washers
  • 2 x Red & black power cables
  • 2 x White switching cables

Please read these instructions fully before commencing the fitting of these parts
  • Attach lights to a suitable place on the vehicles body. Once set
    to the correct angle, tighten the screws at either end of the
    bracket where it attaches to the light to hold it in position.
  • Attach the wires using the wiring diagram above as a guide. The
    lights can be wired either linked together, as in the diagram, or
    as two independent units. Please note to attach the red wire to a
    12 volt ignition live NOT a permanent live feed. Always earth to
    the body of the car.
  • Test all of the vehicles lights. The new Daytime lights should
    come on when the engine is started and switch off when the
    headlights are switched on, in accordance with the current

Wiring Diagram




Dimensions (ex. brackets)
155mm Wide,
45mm Depth,
20mm Height

A Brief History Of Daytime Running Lights

The first car in Britain to run with lights on all the time, when the engine was running, was the Volvo 240. These lights had the appearance of sidelights but were actually 21 watt bulbs separately located alongside the standard 5 watt sidelight bulbs. These brighter bulbs were constantly lit until the driver turned on the sidelights.

Other Benefits of LED's For Car Lighting

Light emitting diodes (LED's) will only consume a tiny percentage of the electricity taken by a standard headlight. Because of this, their usage for other types of vehicle lights has increased dramatically.

The vehicles alternator spins all the time and is driven by the engine. However, it doesn't always consume the same amount of power from the engine. If the electrical load on the alternator increases, it requires more power to turn it on, and therefore, fuel consumption is increased.

Headlamps generally will consume 110 watts of power, where as dedicated daytime running lights using LED's will only consume between 5 - 10 watts. This puts a negligible load on the alternator, thus making fuel consumption more efficient.

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